Our health is often taken for granted when we are seeking it. An old Indian architectural science, Vastu, reveals the deep connection between our environment and our health conditions. A house with harmony that follows Vastu guidelines can improve physical well-being and a peaceful mind that can assist people to live healthier lifestyles. In this article, we will discuss 10 best Vastu tips for good health.

Vastu Tips for Good Health

Best Vastu Tips for Good Health: Let’s Know

1. Sleeping Direction: In Vastu, Sleeping Direction is towards the south as this will promote deep slumber and improve total fitness. Avoid sleeping with your head tucked between pillows because that might cause you to suffer some health problems and also sleepless night.

2. Bedroom Location: The master bedroom should be in southwest corner of the house to bring stability, harmony and good health to its occupants.

3. Kitchen Location: Kitchen should be in south-east corner of the house to allow for smooth energy flow and healthy living conditions.

4. Vaastu for Kitchen: It’s a place where nourishment and vitality are grown. Also, vaastu mandates for kitchen layout, stove placement, cleanliness etc so that it remains disease free. When we follow Vastu principles for our kitchen environment; it helps us to get the highest nutritional value from our meals while promoting proper digestion too.

5. Bathroom Location: Sound sleep is necessary for good health and the main role of the bedroom is to facilitate restful nights. The bed’s position, the choice of colors which are calming and in line with principles of Vastu helps ensure that we sleep facing a particular direction that promotes peace and balance. By following vastu principles for bed room, it is possible to make a haven that enhances deep rejuvenation.

6. Mirror Placement: This arrangement is known to be detrimental to one’s health as well as sleeping patterns if mirrors face beds directly across. Instead, position mirrors in the east or north.

7. Color Scheme: The colours used inside should be calmative and soothing. Dark colours should not be used because they can result in an unfriendly atmosphere as opposed to light ones such as white, sky blue or green are thought to improve good health.

8. Plants and Flowers: Using plants and flowers inside your house is believed to attract positive energy for wellbeing purposes. Keep these plants in easterly or north-easterly directions around the home.

9. Clutter-Free Environment: When decluttering, it is important to remember that it is not only about cleaning up but also about creating an atmosphere where positive energy will be able to flow easily. However, according to Vastu, the presence of messiness barricades the normal flow of life force making it stagnant and disorganized in some ways. By arranging furniture and other items thoughtfully, we can ensure that energy circulates smoothly in our homes as such improving both our physical and mental health.

10. Meditation Space: Have a section for meditation or yoga practice in your home. This section should face east or north-east direction if possible. Regular meditation and yoga are believed to help people become healthier and happier with their lives.


To nurture our health and well-being, incorporating these vastu tips for good health is an effective tool. Embracing clutter-free spaces, optimizing ventilation and natural light and aligning with bedroom and kitchen Vastu can create a sanctuary that promotes vitality as well as liveliness. To maximum wellness, let us tap into the vast knowledge of Vastu to build a harmonious living space.

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FAQs on Vastu Tips for Good Health:

What is Vastu Shastra?

It is an ancient Indian scientific system of building which aims to create healthy and balanced living environments. It is said that following the rules of Vastu can bring peace, prosperity and good health to people living in a house.

How can Vastu improve my health?

Vastu principles seek to harmonize and balance your house. By adhering to these principles, you will be creating a positive environment for yourself which may result in better sleep, less anxiety and improved general well-being.

Can Vastu help with specific health issues?

Vastu can support your overall wellness though it’s not the alternative of medical treatment. By observing the laws of Vastu, you can build relaxation-encouraging spaces that minimize stress and enhance self-care habits.

How can I incorporate Vastu principles into my existing home?

You can start by making small changes such as moving furniture around or introducing flowers or plants. You could also consult a specialist in Vastu who would be able to point out areas in your house that need improvement.

Is Vastu limited to only Indian Homes?

No, any other home whether it is situated in an alternate vicinity or constructed through another design can have Vastu principles applied on them. These principles are centered on creating a stable and harmonious living atmosphere that is possible in every abode.

Which Is the Health Area in Vastu?

Vastu considers north-east (Ishan) direction as a health direction. To ensure good health in the home, this area should be kept clean, uncluttered and full of positive energy according to Vastu principles.

Which Direction Is for Health?

According to Vastu, east is an auspicious direction for health. Activities like yoga or morning exercises that are directed towards the east can enhance vitality and foster overall well-being.

What Are the Vastu Shastras’ Basic Rules for Good Health?

The basic rule of promoting good health in the house as per the Vastu Shastras is to have cleanliness, ventilation, balanced energies within which would provide better living environment. Also rearranging bedroom, kitchen and other important rooms according to Vastu norms will enhance good healthiness.

Which GOD We Should Worship for Good Health?

In the tradition of Vastu, Lord Dhanvantari being divine physician has been adored for fine body-health balance. Through chanting mantras and giving offerings to him he blesses his devotees with sound mental and physical wellness.

How to Remove Illness from House Vastu?

In order to remove illness from house according to Vastu, one can start by removing clutter and cleaning the living spaces. Additionally other Vastu remedies such as activating the north-east corner, using positive statements and including healing elements like plants and crystals may help dispel negative energies that cause diseases.

Does Vastu Affect Health?

Oh yes, our health and well-being can be affected by how we arrange our living environments in line with Vastu principles. Through harmonizing our surroundings as per instructions given by the Vastu experts, it is possible to create a healthy environment both physically and mentally.

Where to Keep Salt in the Bedroom?

According to vastu shastra placing a bowl of rock salt or sea salt in the bedroom particularly in northeast corner is believed to absorb all the negativity from surrounding air. This will facilitate better sleep patterns hence fostering good health balance.

How to Remove Negative Energy from Home?

Home energy sickness removal can be done through various Vastu remedies like smudging with sage or incense, soothing music, salt lamps and placing crystals in strategic areas of the home among others. Besides that performing regular cleaning and decluttering rituals will help to keep positive harmonious energy flow.

How to Use Salt to Remove Negativity?

In Vastu tradition, salt is regarded as an effective purifier. Bowls of salt may be placed at different points in the house, particularly corners or regions where there is stagnant energy in order to use salt to remove negativity. The surrounding atmosphere gets cleansed as negative energies are absorbed by the salt leaving a brighter atmosphere full of positivity.

Where to Keep Fitkari at Home?

Fitkari is called alum in English and it has cleansing properties according to Vastu Shastra literature. It can be placed at different locations within a home so as to repel bad vibrations from entering the premises or ensuring safe environment for its inhabitants. Putting fitkari near entrances, windows or any other place that might invite negativity helps cleanse the air around it making people feel good about themselves thereby fostering wellbeing and positive spirits around them.

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