For a successful married life, it’s important to have a peaceful and harmonic atmosphere in your bedroom. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that helps create such environment where everything is balanced and harmonizes with each other. Vastu plays a major part in establishing healthy relationships between couples by providing them with love, peace as well as intimacy which they need most in their lives together. This article will discuss some necessary vastu tips for bedrooms designed for people who are married so that their married life can be full of happiness and harmony always.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom for Married Couple

Vastu Tips for Bedroom for Married Couple

1. The Best Spot for the Bedroom:

In accordance with Vastu principles, the southwest corner should be the place of a bedroom in a house. This area represents earth and is considered to be the most stable and grounded. It gives a sense of security and stability in relationship. Do not put your bedroom in the northeast corner as this may cause disharmony and instability.

2. The Correct Placement of Bed:

The bed should have its headboard against a solid wall preferably facing south or west direction only. This gives one support and stability such that they sleep well at night too. Never place your bed towards north or east sides because it leads to restlessness as well as brings about disharmony among couples.

3. The Significance of Color:

Colors used in painting bedrooms greatly determine moods set within them; hence their importance cannot be overlooked according to Vastu Shastra tips for love life improvement through interior decoration. Pastel shades like light blue, green or pink are recommended by vastushastra for painting bedroom walls since these colours are known to soothe nerves thus creating relaxing atmosphere needed for sleep. These colours also promote emotional balance and intimacy between partners so all married people need take note of this advice given above on what type paints they ought to use when repainting their rooms red! Avoid using bright bold colors because they can create an energetic chaotic environment which might negatively affect your relationship.

4. Lighting is important:

To make a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, lighting should be selected correctly. According to Vastu, it is recommended to use soft warm lighting like low wattage lamps or dimmer switches. You should not have bright lights as they create tension and anxiety; instead ensure that there is enough natural light during daytime which brings about positive thinking and health too.

5. Mirrors are important too:

Vastu states that mirrors amplify energy therefore they must be used with care in bedrooms. For example, never keep one opposite your bed because it will make you feel restless all night long even though asleep or reflect on couples when sleeping together.

6. Plants can also play a role in this process:

The idea of plants being incorporated into bedrooms creates freshness and vitality psychologically. For instance, money plant or peace lily which has round leaves soothens emotions among people living there according to Vastu while those ones with pointed leaves should not be used because they introduce disharmony within an environment – such information may seem crazy but it’s true!

7. The Power of Art:

The work of art in the bedroom can alter the relationship between the couple greatly. Vastu suggests utilizing pictures that represent love, joy and togetherness. Avoid using any work that represents violence, aggression or loneliness as this may create an unfavorable environment.

8. Keep Space Free from Clutter:

It is important to have a clutter-free environment in order to maintain harmony and peace within the house especially in bedrooms. According to Vastu Shastra , one should keep their rooms clean and tidy with least possible furniture items or decorative pieces. This not only helps to calm down our minds but also allow for better energy flow throughout the area.


Married couples can increase their harmony and intimacy in their relationship with the help of vastu tips for the bedroom. You are able to create an environment which cherishes love and comprehension by following this guide on where to put furniture, what colors to use and how should be the overall atmosphere.

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FAQs: Vastu Tips for Bedroom for Married Couple

Can I put my bed adjacent to the wall in the corner of south west?

Yes, according to Vastu for married couples it is lucky to place the bed against the wall in the southwest corner.

What should I do if my bedroom does not have a southwest corner?

If there is no southwest corner in your bedroom, then you can put the bed in southern or western direction but make sure that it shouldn’t be exactly opposite to entrance door.

Is it alright to keep electronic gadgets inside the bedroom?

It would be better if we avoid keeping electronic appliances inside our bedrooms because they may disrupt sleep patterns; however, if necessary – just keep them off bedsides and switch off at night.

Can I paint my bedroom walls with dark colors?

Although dark paints could create warm feelings, it’s recommended not using too much of them: employ lighter shades along with some deeper tones so as to maintain equilibrium & positivity.

How do I enhance existing bedroom vastu?

Some ways through which you can improve positive energy circulation within your sleeping area are; positioning Vastu crystals, engaging essential oils for aromatherapy as well as hanging wind chimes.

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