Do you get angry over small things all the time? Do you want to control your temper? Look no further than Vastu tips for anger management. Anger, though a very strong emotion, is normal and can be felt by everyone once in a while. Nevertheless, if this emotion grows excessive or uncontrollable, it may harm our physical health condition; it may also have negative effects on our mental well-being as well as relationships with people around us. The following are some helpful advice from ancient Indian architectural science called Vastu Shastra which helps in reducing anger and creating a peaceful environment at home or any other place according to its principles.

Vastu Tips for Anger

Best Vastu Tips for Anger:

Balance Your Space: Vastu believes that the design of a house or office can affect our moods. So, make sure that all rooms are ventilated and not filled with unnecessary things to allow free movement of positive energy. When things do not move in an environment, it makes the mind feel stuck which leads to anger.

Optimize Bedroom Placement: The bedroom is a restful haven on earth. Place your bed towards the southwest direction for calmness. Do not put it under any beam nor in front of a mirror otherwise these elements will interfere with smooth circulation of energies resulting into sleeplessness.

Choose Soothing Colors: Colors can change how we feel instantly because they have a psychological impact on us. Use gentle hues such as blue, green or pastels in your decor. This kind of shades brings about peace and also helps to reduce this emotion called wrath or rage. Shun bright or too much intense colors because they may provoke negative feelings within you.

Create a Peaceful Workspace: If you work from home or have an office at home, it should be designed in such a way that it promotes productivity and positivity. Situate your table/desk at the northeast corner facing eastwards/northwards so as to increase concentration levels while thinking about issues related to work. Keep the place bright enough but not excessively lit plus maintain orderliness around there so as to minimize distractions during work hours and create an atmosphere for tranquility when working.

Balance Elements: In our environment, Vastu gives importance to the five elements namely earth, fire, water, air and space. Use components such as plants, natural materials or even water features to keep that balance. Having a good mix of these things can help stabilize emotions and minimize anger or frustration.

Have you ever thought about following some Vastu tips? This could be what you need to do if your aim is creating peace within your house because it helps in balancing energies which then promotes positive thinking while reducing negative thoughts such as anger.


Following Vastu tips for anger can be useful in bringing about peace from within as well as in emotional health. By aligning your home or workplace with the rules of Vastu, you enable it to become a breeding ground for good vibes and prevent outbursts of rage and frustration.

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Can Vastu really help in managing anger?

Yes, Vastu principles focuses on creating a harmonious environment that can positively affect our emotions and behavior which includes anger management.

Do I need to make drastic changes to my home or workplace?

Not really. Simple changes like clearing clutter, rearranging furniture or using calming colours can make a big difference.

I live in a rented apartment. Can I still apply Vastu principles?

Of course, you can still apply Vastu principles even if you live in a rented apartment. You may not be able to make structural changes but furniture placement, choice of decor among other things can be considered.

How long does it take to see results from Vastu remedies for anger management?

Results vary depending on individual circumstances so some people might see improvements faster than others who might need more time and patience.

Are Vastu tips for anger management backed by scientific evidence?

Well there haven’t been many scientific studies done specifically about Vastu as a method of dealing with anger.

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