Ancient Indian science called Vastu Shastra, which has been established to be a paradigm of wealth, health as well as happiness through proper designing and positioning of the houses. One aspect of Vastu Shastra is the placing of water tanks. The manner in which you position your water tank can affect energies flowing inside your house hence creating harmony and prosperity. In the following, we will discuss the recommended directions and positions for placing a water tank as per Vastu Shastra for Water Tank in India so that you can take advantage of this ancient architectural philosophy.

Vastu Shastra for Water Tank

What is Vastu Shastra for water tanks?

Vastu Shastra for water tanks refers to the ancient Indian practice of placing water tanks in specific locations within a home to ensure a positive flow of energy. According to Vastu principles, the placement of water tanks can influence health, wealth, and overall harmony in the household.

Why is Water Tank Placement Important?

In Vastu Shastra, water is associated with wealth and emotions. The placement of water tanks can significantly impact the balance of energies within your home. Correct placement ensures that the water element works in your favor, attracting positivity and prosperity.

How does the direction of a water tank impact Vastu?

The direction of a water tank affects the balance of energies in a home. Different directions are associated with various elements and forces. Placing the water tank in the correct direction can enhance positive energy, while incorrect placement can disrupt the energy flow and create imbalances.

Vastu Shastra for Water Tank: Ultimate Guide to the Best Directions

Ideal Placement for Overhead Water Tanks

Overhead water tanks should ideally be placed in the southwest corner of the house. This placement is believed to bring stability and strength. Here’s why:

Southwest Stability: The southwest direction represents earth elements, providing stability and support. A water tank here balances the earth and water energies, promoting a steady flow of prosperity.

Weight Considerations: The southwest corner is considered to be a heavier and more stable part of the house. Placing the tank here supports the structure of the house, preventing potential damage.

Placement to Avoid for Overhead Water Tanks

Northeast: Placing a water tank in the northeast corner can create imbalance and disrupt the flow of positive energy. This direction is best kept light and open.

Center of the House: The center, or “Brahmasthan,” should be free from heavy objects to allow energy to flow freely.

Ideal Placement for Underground Water Tanks

Underground water tanks are best placed in the northeast direction. This area is considered auspicious for underground water storage because:

Wealth Attraction: The northeast corner is associated with wealth and spiritual growth. An underground water tank here can enhance these aspects.

Energy Flow: Water stored in the northeast helps maintain a balanced and free-flowing energy within the house.

Other Tips for Water Tank Placement

Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your water tank to ensure the water remains pure and beneficial.

Avoid Leakage: Leaking water tanks can symbolize loss of wealth and resources. Ensure that there are no leaks or cracks.

Tank Material: Preferably use non-toxic materials for your water tank to keep the water clean and healthy.

Can Vastu Shastra improve water quality in tanks?

While Vastu Shastra primarily focuses on the placement and energy balance rather than the physical quality of water, following Vastu guidelines can lead to better maintenance and care of water tanks. This indirectly ensures that the water remains pure and beneficial by encouraging regular cleaning and preventing leaks.

Is it essential to follow Vastu guidelines for water tanks in India?

While it is not mandatory to follow Vastu guidelines, many people in India believe in the positive effects of Vastu Shastra on their living environment. Adhering to these principles can enhance the harmony and prosperity of a home. However, it ultimately depends on personal beliefs and preferences.

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By following Vastu Shastra for water tank placement, you can harness the positive energy of water to benefit your home and its inhabitants. Remember, the southwest is ideal for overhead tanks, while the northeast is perfect for underground tanks. Proper placement can lead to a harmonious, prosperous, and happy home. Applying these Vastu tips to create a balanced living environment and invite positivity into your life.

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