This article will explore the top 5 Vastu Shastra courses in Mumbai, providing detailed information about their course fees, mentors, course details, duration, achievements, ratings, and other relevant aspects. Additionally, we will discuss the experiences of previous students and any extra support provided. Whether you are a Vastu enthusiast, a homeowner, or a business owner looking to enhance your understanding of Vastu for career advancement or business growth, seeking home solutions, or simply curious about Vastu courses in Mumbai, this article aims to furnish you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about the best Vastu Shastra classes in Mumbai that suit your needs.

Vastu Course in Mumbai

Best Top 5 Vastu Shastra Courses In Mumbai With Cost

Here are the top 5 Vastu courses in Mumbai, along with their costs, mentors, complete course details, ratings, awards, opening hours, and other relevant information:

1. Maayodiya Vedic: –

Maayodiya Vedic is the best online platform for Vastu courses in Mumbai, under the mentorship of Acharya Pawan Dhiman Vishkarma, who has over 10 years of international mentorship experience. He has won numerous national and international awards, among which Nakshatra is one. Maayodiya Vedic has trained more than 20,000 people in the field of Vastu. It is “ISO-certified” and trusted by thousands of individuals who have completed their Vastu Shastra classes in Mumbai. After finishing the course, participants will be awarded a certificate.

Opening-Days Opening-Hours
Monday 8-9 pm
Tuesday Off
Wednesday 8-9 pm
Thursday Off
Friday 8-9 pm
Saturday Off
Sunday Off

The Content of the Course Includes: –

What Will You Get From Maayodiya Vedic Vastu Course In Mumbai: –

 Maayodiya Vedic Vastu Course Cost & Other Information: – 

Vastu Course in Mumbai

2. Astro Vastu Plus: –

Astro Vastu Plus is one of the top 5 Vastu courses in Mumbai. It has received a 5-star rating out of 5 stars based on 537 reviews on Google My Business. With 25 years of experience in Vastu, Astro Vastu Plus offers mentorship by Yogeshwara Gowda, who has 24 years of experience in the field. The course also includes practical training in basic palmistry, basic numerology, basic astrology, essential to advanced Vastu Shastra, Vastu visit practicals, and Vastu remedy practicals.

Opening-Days Opening-Hours
Monday 9 am – 9 pm
Tuesday 9 am – 9 pm
Wednesday 9 am – 9 pm
Thursday 9 am – 9 pm
Friday 9 am – 9 pm
Saturday 9 am – 9 pm
Sunday 9 am – 9 pm

The Content of the Course Includes: –

Astro Vastu Plus Course Cost & Other Information: –

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3. Sri Pyramid Yantra Center: –

Sri Pyramid Yantra Center ranks as the 3rd best Vastu Shastra course in Mumbai, boasting a 4.4 rating on Google My Business and a 4.6 rating on Justdial, respectively, based on 25 and 72 reviews. Founded by Mr. Sanjiv Joshi and Mr. Giridhar Shetty in 2008, the center is led by Ms. Sangeeta S. Mishra and supported by nine professionals, collectively amassing over 15 years of experience in the Vastu field. They have achieved a total of 108 awards and have successfully graduated over 3500 students.

Opening-Days Opening-Hours
Monday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday Closed

The Content of the Course Includes: –

Sri Pyramid Yantra Center Vastu Course Cost & Other Information: –

4. Chhaya Darshan: –

Chhaya Darshan is among the top 5 best Vastu courses in Mumbai, with a 4.7-star rating on Google My Business out of 5, based on 99 reviews. Established in 1996, Chhaya Darshan is a well-established training center in Mumbai. They also conduct professional diploma courses in Vastu Shastra. The mentor, Jatin Adhyaru, holds a Ph.D. in Vastu Shastra and has 21 years of experience. He is also a member of the Gemologist Institute of India.

Opening-Days Opening-Hours
Monday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

The Content of the Course Includes: –

Chhaya Darshan offers two programs for Vastu courses in Mumbai: one for a diploma and the other for graduation. Here, we provide the complete content for both of their Vastu Shastra classes in Mumbai.

Chhaya Darshan Vastu Course Cost & Other Information: –

5. Walkin Educate: –

Walk-in Educate, founded by Ravi Jain, is the last on our list of 5 best Vastu Shastra courses in mumbai. Walk-in Educate has earned a 4.5-star rating of 5 stars based on 170 Google My Business reviews. However, they do not solely offer Vastu courses but training in multiple areas such as designing, drafting, animation, etc. They have faculty who teach students interested in Vastu Shastra classes in Mumbai and have over 12 years of experience. Additionally, they are certified by multiple organizations such as ISO, NSDC, AICPTR, MIDI, etc.

Opening-Days Opening-Hours
Monday 8:30 am – 9 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am – 9 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am – 9 pm
Thursday 8:30 am – 9 pm
Friday 8:30 am – 9 pm
Saturday 8:30 am – 9 pm
Sunday Closed

The Content of the Course Includes: –

Walkin Educate Vastu Course Cost & Other Information: –

In Conclusion

We have tried to cover the top 5 best Vastu Shastra courses in Mumbai and provide as much information as possible to assist you. We strive to collect more and more data from experiences, mentors, course content, costs, and other relevant information to offer comprehensive insights into Vastu Shastra classes in Mumbai. This list is curated after conducting proper and in-depth research, including gathering reviews from both recent and past students, clients, or individuals who have interacted with these courses in any capacity.

However, whether you are looking for Vastu for home benefits, commercial purposes, or career growth, it’s important to note that every center may receive positive and negative reviews due to individual preferences. Some courses may be well-suited for specific individuals, while others may not be. Nevertheless, after conducting thorough research, we have compiled this list of the 5 best Vastu courses in Mumbai, all of which have positive aspects and affordable fees. We recommend gathering real-time information by visiting or making calls before making decisions.


Q: What is the top Vastu course available in Mumbai?

A: The top Vastu course available in Mumbai is Maayodiya Vedic Institute, offering a practical course on Vastu Shastra with a focus on real-life applications.

Q: What are the key features and benefits of each of these Vastu courses?

A: The key features and benefits of each Vastu course may vary, but common elements include learning Vastu principles and techniques, creating harmonious living and working spaces, understanding the influence of Vastu on health and relationships, acquiring practical skills to assess and rectify Vastu defects, and receiving certification upon completion.

Q: How long do these courses typically last, and what is the level of commitment required?

A: The duration of Vastu courses varies, ranging from a few weeks to several months. The level of commitment required depends on the specific program, with participants expected to dedicate time to lectures, discussions, assignments, and independent study. It is important for participants to understand and allocate sufficient time and resources to successfully complete the course.

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