Mirror direction is an important aspect of Vastu, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design. According to Vastu, the placement and direction of mirrors in a space can greatly impact the energy flow and overall harmony of the environment. In Vastu, mirrors are considered powerful tools that can reflect and amplify both positive and negative energies. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the correct placement and direction of mirrors to create a balanced and harmonious living or working space. In this modern era, where mirrors are not only used for practical purposes but also for decorative purposes, it becomes even more important to incorporate Vastu principles in the placement of mirrors to ensure a positive and prosperous environment. Let us delve deeper into the concept of mirror direction as per Vastu and understand its significance in creating a harmonious living space.

Mirror Direction as Per Vastu

Understanding Mirror Direction in Vastu Shastra

Mirrors are not merely functional objects for reflecting our physical appearance; they also reflect energy, light, and vibrations within a space. According to Vastu principles, the direction in which a mirror is placed can either enhance or disrupt the flow of positive energy, known as ‘Prana‘ or ‘Chi’.

Optimal Mirror Placement:

North or East: These directions are considered auspicious for placing mirrors as they are believed to enhance positivity and prosperity in the household. Mirrors placed in these directions are thought to amplify natural light and bring in positive energy.

North-East: This direction is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality. Placing a mirror here is believed to promote clarity of thought and enhance spiritual growth within the home.

West: While mirrors can be placed in the west direction, it’s advisable to avoid having large mirrors here as they may reflect negative energies during sunset, which could disrupt the harmony of the space.

South or South-West: These directions are generally avoided for mirror placement as they are believed to attract negative energies and hinder the flow of positive energy within the home.

Effects of Mirror Placement on Vastu:

Enhanced Light and Space: Placing mirrors strategically in the North or East directions can create an illusion of expanded space and increase the flow of natural light, thereby uplifting the ambiance of the room.

Positive Energy Flow: Mirrors placed in auspicious directions according to Vastu principles are believed to reflect positive energy throughout the home, fostering a harmonious environment for its inhabitants.

Remedy for Vastu Doshas: In Vastu Shastra, certain structural flaws or doshas within a home can be remedied by strategically placing mirrors. However, it’s essential to consult a Vastu expert for personalized advice based on specific doshas.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mirror Direction as Per Vastu:

Can I place a mirror in my bedroom as per Vastu?

Yes, you can place a mirror in your bedroom according to Vastu principles. However, it’s advisable to avoid placing mirrors directly facing the bed, as it may disrupt the quality of sleep.

Is it necessary to follow Vastu guidelines for mirror placement?

While it’s not mandatory, following Vastu guidelines for mirror placement can help create a harmonious living environment and enhance the flow of positive energy within your home.

Can mirrors be used as remedies for Vastu doshas?

Yes, mirrors can be used as remedies for certain Vastu doshas, such as correcting the imbalance of energy flow or enhancing specific aspects of life, but it’s essential to seek guidance from a Vastu expert for effective implementation.


Incorporating Vastu principles into mirror placement can significantly impact home energy flow and ambiance. By aligning mirror direction as per Vastu guidelines, you can create a harmonious environment that promotes positivity, prosperity, and well-being for you and your family. Remember, the subtle adjustments you make in your living space can have profound effects on your daily life and overall happiness. So, why not start by reflecting on the mirror direction as per Vastu in your home today?

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