The kitchen direction is one of the aspects highlighted in Vastu Shastra, an old Indian architectural and design science. In Vastu, the kitchen is considered to be the sacrum where food is cooked, and from where the whole family is nourished. Therefore, to achieve health, happiness, and wealth, it is crucial to follow the Vastu recommendations while designing and locating the kitchen. In this case, to reveal the particularities of the impact of a kitchen’s direction, it is necessary to discuss and analyze pertinent concepts and recommendations provided by Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu regulations, the southeast corner is the best place for the kitchen because Agni, the Hindu deity of fire responsible for heating and cooking, stays in this direction. Therefore, to explore the peculiarities of Vastu‌’s reflections on a kitchen’s direction, factors, and guarantees of good impact should be discussed.

Kitchen Direction as Per Vastu Shastra

Useful Kitchen Tips as Per Vastu Shastra

The best kitchen direction according to Vastu

In agreement with Vastu, the southeast corner is the best place for a kitchen. Such determination is explained by the fact that Agni, the Hindu deity of fire, whose function is to cook, stays in this direction. Therefore, locating a kitchen in the southeast corner assures a proper flow of energy through the kitchen, which guarantees health, happiness, and wealth to the house.

The direction of the door according to Vastu

Ideally, Vastu′ κιtchen entry should be received from the east or north. In this case, the kitchens will enjoy the energies of auspicious powers while the dishes are being prepared.

Best kitchen stove direction according to Vastu

The best direction for the cook stove is the southeast direction of the kitchen because it should face east. As the directions are determined for the particular points, cooks should face east while cooking. This way of placing the stave enables the cook to enjoy the benefits of morning sun rays and enhance the quality of the dishes.

The best direction or placement of the windows in the kitchen according to Vastu

Windows in your kitchen should be oriented to the east or west side. eastside windows, which will easily allow morning sunlight and positive energy to ventilate the kitchen area. West windows will help you increase the ventilation of that area and easily allow the evening breeze and energy to enter the room. Which will keep them in a proper state.

Vastu Shastra Colors for the Kitchen

Depending on the colors, the kitchen can give positive or negative energy. You should avoid using dark and faded colors. Warm colors, such as yellow, orange, and red, are recommended to be used most often. This will give your kitchen a warm look and generally a pleasant atmosphere. The warmth in these colors acts to develop an appetite for the food you will cook for your family.

Best Cooking Direction as per Vastu

It is best if you cook from the east or north side of the kitchen. Which will show your body and the kitchen itself a positive energy exchange . These directions ensure that you and your food will be filled with energy and a positive mind-set. So the food will not only be nutritious and soft to taste.

Vastu for Kitchen Size

Neither too small nor too big. The size of the kitchen should be such that you can easily move from one place to another. You need to keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free to help you work effortlessly from one appliance to another.

Kitchen Vastu : Direction of Various Items

Sink in the kitchen, cooking gas, and arrangement of the kitchenware have their directions. You should look to have the sink always on the north or northeast side. Should always have the help of water and positivity. You should also look to have your appliances and grocery storage on the east or south.

Kitchen Vastu Tips to Remove Vastu Dosh in the Home

If you are an owner of a kitchen that does not adhere to Vastu, there are various remedies available. Thus, you can install mirrors on the northern wall to increase the size and allow chi to flow on a positive path. Similarly, placing a Tulsi plant in the northeast corner will assist with the purification of the kitchen atmosphere and drive away negative elements. Do the Dos and Don’ts of Kitchen Vastu for a Happier Home It is important to comply with definite dos and don’ts not only for the kitchen to be in harmony but also the home to be happy and prosperous. The dos include the need for the kitchen to be clean and neat; fresh products should be used for cooking, proper ventilation, and lightening are important. As for the don’ts, it should be noted that the burnt matches or trash place, broken or unwanted items kept in the kitchen, sink and stove should not be positioned directly opposite, and there should not be any beam or any other item placed on the stove and sink direction.

In the conclusion of the paper, it should be noted that the integration of Vastu principles into the design and realization of kitchen space contributes to the enhancement of well-being in the house. Thus, they serve to direct the energy in a particular way for the area to be vital and prosperous. Simple things like the stipulation of the direction and the colors of the kitchen can change the quality of living for the better. In such cases, you can enhance the lighting with artificial sources and install exhaust fans or vents to improve ventilation.

Are there any specific Vastu remedies for kitchen doshas?

Remedies such as keeping a bowl of sea salt in the kitchen, hanging a wind chime near the entrance, or placing a pyramid-shaped crystal can help neutralize negative energies and harmonize the space.

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In conclusion, the incorporation of Vastu Shastra principles in your kitchen design and layout will greatly improve the well-being and prosperity of your home. Arranging the direction of your kitchen, placement of appliances, and colors as recommended by Vastu creates a vibrant and harmonious environment that feeds not just the body but the soul. With Vastu’s guidance, you can turn your kitchen into a haven of constructive and unlimited energy.

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