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    Pragati Lodha
    Pragati Lodha
    Vastu Consultant
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    Enrolling in Advance Vastu Shastra Course at Maayodiya Institute was a transformative experience. The course was comprehensive, the instructors were knowledgeable, and the support was exceptional. I now Posses valuable skill for both my personal and professional Life.
    Amit Mishra
    Amit Mishra
    Vastu Consultant
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    The Advance Vastu Course at Maayodiya Vedic Academy exceeded my expectations. It provided in depth knowledge and practicle skills, and the course material were invaluable. I highly recommend it for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of Vastu Shastra.

    Special Session

    Paranormal Vastu:

    By Acharya Pawan Dhiman Vishwakarma (Winner of Nakshatra Award- Australia)


    Mr. Chetan Chauhan


    Mr. Pawan Dhiman Vishwakarma

    Vastu Consultant and Trainer

    Pt. Lokesh Shastri



    Blue and Yellow Attendance Certificate
    Vastu Shastra Course


    Vastu Shastra, an age-old Indian architectural and design system, is believed to foster harmony and balance in the surrounding surroundings

    Sea salt is acknowledged as a straightforward and powerful approach to clear away negative energy

    The best house direction as per Vastu, is northeast, as it is associated with the God of wealth.

    In Vastu, it is advised to select suitable colors, designs, shapes, and orientations to foster positivity and happiness in every part of your house.


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